transfer options

How to Reach Athiri Inn


Scheduled Speed Boat (90 minutes)

Schedule Speed boat Transfer- $50 one way per person (1 hour 30 minutes journey) speed boat operates Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and friday only.


Public Ferry (4 hours)

Experience the most common means of transportation used by locals in the Maldives and at the same time enjoy a memorable sea journey that lasts for 4 hours, waiting to encounter some flying fishes and Dolphins at any time.


Private Speed Boat (90 minutes)

Private Speedboat transfer - $ 1050 return, or $600 one way (1 hour journey). Speedboat transfer can be arranged during the day time.
Please take note to advise us the request 48 hours earlier; therefore we can arrange the transfer without any difficulties.


Sea Plane (20 minutes)

Seaplane transfer - $380 per person return and 50% for children age 3-12 years (20 minutes journey). Seaplane needs to be booked in advance (3 days). However, if you could advice the time of the arrival and departure in advance, we will be able to arrange the seaplane transfer. Seaplane flight operates during the day, which is scheduled from morning 6:00hrs to 15:00hrs.